Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Wathann Film Festival #5

Do not miss this year's edition of the Wathann Film Festival which is the first ever launched film festival in the history of Myanmar.

It takes place between 9 and 13 September at the Waziya Cinema in downtown Yangon (close to Sakura tower).

The major objectives of the festival are:
- Strengthening the media community in Myanmar and raising standards of critical filmmaking
- Creation of a platform where Myanmar professional filmmakers can expose, compare and discuss their work
- Educating the Myanmar public by screening high quality films in the field of documentary, fiction and experimental films in order to strengthen their critical eye and in order to foster a democratic approach to society.

Source: here

The programme is here.

Both documentaries presented this evening in the section German cinema were a must see:
The ferryman and his wife, Director Johanna Huth, 2015, 37 min
The most secret place on Earth, Director Marc Eberle, 2008, 80 min; this can be watched here.


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