Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fishermen at work

Last weekend we could observe the fishermen at work at the Ngwe Saung beach. This type of fishing is practiced close to the shore. We believe it is manly for the daily consumption of the people involved and less for selling because the catch is not significant.

The fishermen launch their fishing nets from a boat, close to the shore. After some time, while on shore, they start dragging the net from each side, around 10 persons on each side.

It takes them quite a lot of strength and time to drag the huge net to the shore. At the same time, they have to skillfully rotate and gather the net so that the catch stays inside.

The fish is then gathered in two baskets. Some fish are already sold on shore before reaching the village. 

We noticed many small fish were caught and we were sorry to see many of them on the sand just jumping out from the baskets. Amongst all the fish we noticed a stingray, some green eels and many crabs.

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