Tuesday, January 12, 2016

While in Bagan eat vegetarian...(Bagan restaurant recommendation)

...and you will surely not regret it!

We found a wonderful vegetarian restaurant in Bagan...with a very affectionate name "The Moon: Be kind to animals". As you already noticed I am not a person of many words so I will only say: go once and you will return to enjoy all your meals there...and what a pity I could not convince the owner to open a branch in Yangon!

Enjoy the very "visual" drinks and food :D...after all food is also eaten with the eyes.

Start with a strawberry, mango or dragon fruit juice (depending on the season)...

 ..then enjoy a soup or salad...

...and order a curry with coconut rice if really hungry...

 ...but do not miss the delicious deserts: homemade ice-cream, fried banana with honey or pancakes!

P.S. In the high season better call in advance to reserve a table. It happened to us once that the restaurant was closed in the evening because of the busy lunch which left them without any vegetables. They are the victims of their own success :D !!!

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