Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Prints and frames in Yangon

Sometimes I am asked about places to print and frame photographs in Yangon. I know a few places but I double checked and received some valuable recommendations from a talented photographer friend, Minzayar

Here they are, some of the best places to print and frame your photographs:

For printing go to

  • Kodak, 34th street, upper block - the best in Yangon so far!
  • Aperture, 36th street, middle block (facing Technoland)
  • Dora5, 33rd street, middle block

and for frames

Plastic & wood:

·       Aperture, 36th street, middle block (facing Technoland)

Wooden frames:
·       U Khin Zaw
09 514 91 50
267/47 Shwe Hinn Thar Street
North Dagon Township


·       Moe Makha Art
09 431 157 851
09 731 184 117
Aung Chan Thar Housing
East Shwe Gon Dine road

Thank you very much, Minzayar!


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  2. I used Pacific on Fraser Street and 33rd. They were great and cheap 70 kyat per 6x4 print. They did a framed collage for me. Brilliant

    1. Thank you for your suggestion! Good to know!

  3. Do you know how I can find a decent printer in Mandalay? I have tried Googling with no luck.. Jo