Wednesday, July 1, 2015

No answer!

In Myanmar, if people do not agree with a proposal, get upset or feel offended they do not show up or answer the phone any longer. They say yes and smile when bidding farewell but you will never see or hear from them again or at least for a long period.

There is no negotiation, confrontation nor fight. This is the culture in a traditional and Buddhist country. We experienced, heard from local Burmese people or read in some Myanmar books about this avoidance. Coming from another culture we are just amazed, frustrated and many times upset. You think you have a deal but the next day you realise that actually the other part was not happy with the proposal and you wait or call in vain. And this is not only the case for interactions between the locals and foreigners; it many times happen between the Myanmar people that they avoid each other without being clear of the reason - at most one can just guess. The rich people will even reach for a lawyer but they will never get into a disagreement with you.

Consider this as the first part of my Myanmar culture and traditions short comments of our second year of stay here.

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