Thursday, November 20, 2014

British colonial buildings in Rangoon

It seems the city, once Burma's capital, has the highest number of colonial buildings in Southeast Asia. This morning I walked the streets of downtown Yangon to discover and photograph some of them. It made me feel like I was stepping back in time.

Here is a recent article about the struggle to preserve and renovate this important colonial heritage.

Yangon City Hall, built in 1936.

High Court building, built in 1914.

Inland Water Transport building.

Myanmar Port Authority, built in 1920

Probably the most renowned colonial building is the Strand Hotel, built in 1901.

Rander House, commissioned by Indian traders and built in 1936.

And below some other colonial buildings. As you noticed only a few are renovated but this is changing slowly with more and more investors and funds coming into the country. Imagine all the below buildings (and many more) renovated. What a beautiful city Yangon will be!

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