Saturday, September 20, 2014

Too much!

We will spend several years in Myanmar. Like many expats here we brought our belongings from home. We packed everything we might need from clothes to kitchen ware... and we bought some additional stock in case some products are not available here.

In Yangon we lived in a hotel from two big suitcases for two months and continued to do so for some days after we moved to the new house until our boxes arrived by ship. And it was so easy and convenient.  I am unpacking and arranging the stuff which arrived for one week now and I realised that half of them we will not need or are just the same things but in different forms, colours or materials. 

When we left Europe we decided that we would leave many things here when we will go back, for locals who might need some useful kitchen ware, etc. But we are already preparing some boxes with things we will give away. 

I am pleased to see how many things we will happily give away to people who actually need them!

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