Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Thut Ti - Myanmar Traditional Let Whay Club

The pictures below were made before and after our second training in the Let Whay Club which teaches Lethwei, the traditional Myanmar boxing. 

The club trains a lot of foreigners (expats), including ladies and it is owned by Win Zin Oo.
The one hour training starts with a 10 minutes exercise involving jumping on tires. Stretching follows the intense warm-up. Then a series of punches combinations follow. You will also learn the technique with different punches by advancing in different directions on lines drawn with chalk in the inner yard of the club. 

Once you become more experienced and your endurance increases you will start exercising on punching bags and start sparring in the ring. For sure, I will remain outside the ring but the training is very intense. After 10 minutes the sweat is pouring off you.

The main trainers are Lone Chaw, multiple champion and Saw Gor Mu Doe, both pictured below.

Lethwei continues to be the bloodiest of the Indo-Chinese martial arts, at least when it comes to professional competitions. For more info click here or watch an interesting movie where you can also see the training place here.

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