Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Countdown

Here are some of my thoughts as I eased into my third year in Myanmar. Actually it has been a while since I wrote my last blogpost about Myanmar. There is plenty to write about but I feel the need to arrange my thoughts first.

This year we spent our third consecutive rainy season (with the exception of a two week holiday enjoyed in Asia) in Myanmar. The previous two monsoon seasons were very wet and grey. The current rainy season has had its usual daily showers but also plenty of blue skies and sun. It seems that the weather wanted to leave a better impression on me for my last rainy season which I will be spending in Myanmar. 

Actually there are many  things I will do and see for a last time. For example, the mangoes. The mango season in Myanmar starts in May and lasts for a short time. The Myanmar mangoes are amazing as you can imagine. They are juicy and full of flavour. Mostly because they are fresh and sold only when the fruits are fully ripe. That is why the season is short. We were lucky to have a big mango tree in our garden. Each year over 70 mangoes would be eaten, transformed in sugar free jam or given to colleagues. What a treat which I will surely miss! 

The one-year countdown for my return to Brussels has already started several months ago. There are still many things that I would like to do whilst here. One thing I continuously enjoy doing is photography. The more I photograph the better I get to know Yangon. And probably the harder it will be to say goodbye to this city.

However still a long way to go!

Yangon Downtown, 2016

17 Street, Yangon Downtown, 2016

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