Sunday, December 14, 2014

"From Myanmar With Love" photography exhibition

At the beginning of December we went to see the photography exhibition "From Myanmar...with Love" of Maro Verli, a Greek friend.  She is a young photographer, with a kind heart and a lot of curiosity. The idea of the project took shape after Maro began discovering Yangon and noticing the people's warmth and kindness.

She then visited 4 cities in 60 days and asked the same question to 100 people:  WHAT IS LOVE? She also photographed these people.

Maro sold the pictures during this 2days exhibition, as postcards (with the answer printed on one side) or framed in a big format. We bought both formats and sincerely I could have bought half of the pictures. It is true: printed pictures are so much beautiful than electronic ones.

All proceedings were donated to "A Heart for Myanmar Foundation".

Enjoy Maro's pictures and discover the Myanmar definition of love on her blog:

The Irrawaddy online journal took Maro an interview which you can read here.

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