Saturday, August 9, 2014

MESO soap handmade in Myanmar

The MESO Soap is handmade in Myanmar by local young women to help young students continue their High School Education. Behind this initiative of raising additional funds by producing natural soap stands the Japanese lady, Ms Nobuko Shoda from the Myanmar Education Support Organization (MESO). MESO is a Japan-based organization supporting students by providing scholarships funded by annual membership contributions and donations from international supporters.

Ms Nobuko Shoda is now employing three staff to produce and sell the soaps and the revenue from this activity helps to finance a school close to Yangon in the YWAR THIT GYI village.

I met two young ladies who work in the workshop. They are 23 and 21 years old; with their income they also help their families back home.

The soap is sold in different locations in Yangon: hotel Chatrium, Pomelo shop, the Ichiban Kan Japanese restaurant, the Genki Physiotheraphy Clinic. The soap bars cost 5000 Kyatts each.

In case you order above 20 pieces you can contact directly Ms Nobuko Shoda by email ( and receive a discount.

All ingredients are natural, indigenous and environmentally friendly without any chemicals or synthetic fragrances. The paper in which the soap is wrapped comes from the Shan state.

There are four types of soap: natural, thanaka, bamboo charcoal and moringa.

I already bought quite a few for the family back home!

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