Monday, June 23, 2014

The Myanmar Times newspaper speaks about a French revolution

This morning I went through the articles of Myanmar Times newspaper (16-22 June edition) and in the section

The insider: the local lowdown&best of the web I read the following (I could not find the story on-line so I will type the short article):

"French revolution
A French tourist has staged a one-man protest in Sagaing Region, apparently unimpressed with the price of a hotel room in Kalaymyo. The man had traveled by boat from Myitkyina to Mandaly, then by road for the  remainder of his pre-protest journey. Upon arriving in the town, he was told it would be 20 USD for a room. In an act of defiance, he lay down a mat under the town's "Warmly Welcome and Please Take Care of Tourists" sign and settled in for the long haul. Local blogs reported that the authorities managed to reason with him, eventually arranging a room at the Aung Yadanar hotel for a more palatable 7 USD."

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